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The Colt M4A1 metal carbine rifle delivers solid semi/fully automatic firing needed to compete in intense airsoft skirmishes. This gun is a 1:1 scale replica of the famous U.S. Military issued M4 and has authentic Colt trademarks on the receiver. The gun features a removable carrying handle, a high-capacity 450 rd magazine, and a shot velocity of 390 fps (using .20g BBs). The battery compartment is located inside the foregrip of the gun. The stock of the rifle is adjustable and can accommodate users of any body type and the adjustable hop-up unit lets you hone the accuracy of the gun when shooting from long distances.

  • Features:Semi/fully automatic firingAuthentic Colt trademarksAdjustable hop-upRemovable carrying handleMade in TaiwanFrom initial conception of ICS Colt M4, ICS maintains the highest level of quality control. Utilizing high precision cast and machined aluminum enable ICS to further enhance structure strength, and also give ICS M4 the correct weight and balance; thus a much more realistic look and feel. (ICS item # ICS-20 A1)
Battery and charger not included
Includes: Front sight adjustment tool, 450 rd hi-cap magazine & cleaning rod

Gun comes with orange tip to comply with federal law
Colt/ICS-20 Full Metal AEG Collapsible Stock Rifle
Gun Type: Electric
Mode: Semiautomatic/Full-auto
HopUp: Adjustable
Ammo Type: 0.2g+
Capacity: 450 rds
Built Material: Full metal
Weight: 6.80lbs
Length: 34.50"
Velocity: 390 fps w/ .20g
Warranty: 30 days



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