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ICS CXP, Redi-mag system, JG Tracer unit, Green laser, Sig Sauer foregrip light, Burst wizard, 3000mah lipo, stock internals, AIM tactical sight.This Awsome stock Weapon is used for CQB or night games. The bright green laser and a steady stream of tracer bb's always catches people off guard and if that doesnt take you out the Sig Sauer foregrip light will blind the sniper using night vision or root out the enemy hiding in the dark.This weapon makes a roar when I hit the full auto lever and very smooth semi auto,the rate of fire this stock weapon puts out is SCARY topped with the bright green laser and sprinkled with tracer rds. coming at you proves that ICS stock turbo 3000 motor and stock gears with just a burst wizard and 3000mah Lipo is a great combo and will power all my upper gear boxes with ease.

UPPER GEAR BOXES ,110,120,130 and 140 using SRC piston head and cyl head, ICS: cyl ,orange piston, tappet plate and nozzle.



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