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ICS M4 RIS "PMC'S Choice Weapon"

EXTERNALS : JBU mock flash hider 9", Redi-mag system, Green laser, 552 Holographic sight,552 glass protecter, ICS retractable stock, ICS M4 grip, Sure Fire foregrip

INTERNALS: 6.03mm tight bore barrel, SHS 16:1 gears, TSJ (top shim job), JG motor M-93, 3000mah 11.1 Lipo battery, Burst wizard is what it had in it now im using the Infected Armory Mosfet .
I have 4 upper gear boxes , 110 spring ,120 sping, 130 spring and 140 spring. so i can change FPS to match the rules of the feild im on .

This is my ICS M4 RIS, Its a BEASTYLY weapon. Its has all the things a elite Airsoft player needs. The Redi-mag system house's the 3000mah Lipo battery and Infected Mosfet ,I went with the Redi-mag system so I could house all my electronics and be able to use a large battery for all day play. The Sure Fire Foregrip temporarily blinds opponents while the green laser and 552 sight helps me take down anyone caught in my cross heirs and the comfort of the new ICS grip is perfect for a all day and night player like myself.

UPDATE :I stop using the SHS 16:1 gears the teeth at the bottom of the bevel gear keep breaking ( went threw three sets Airsoft Atlanta said the have had more than twenty complaints about the same problem),so I started using the jg 16:1 gears (great gears strong)



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