ICS M4 - Two Face

  • Comparable to a TM compatible PTW, but much less expensive. Still waiting on a warm day to finish the rattle can paint job on my primary upper.

    Currently running at franken torque motor and 16:1 gears. Trigger response is snappy but the rate of fire is logically very slow, sounds like the mid teens. Planning on acquiring some SHS gen4 12:1 gears and dropping in a ZCI bevel to bump up the rof.


    Upper No. 1
    ICS plastic upper receiver
    kwa sr10 rail
    E1 14.5 inch outer barrel
    CA A1 Flashider
    Lancer tactical aimpoint m4 sight clone
    G&P rail covers
    AFG2 clone in tan
    Larue clone rail covers
    CA AR10 iron sights

    Upper No. 2
    ICS plastic upper receiver
    ICS CXP rail
    ICS barrel
    Matrix 3 prong flash hider
    G&P rail covers
    Larue clone hand stops
    Primary Arms aimpoint m4 sight clone

    ICS plastic lower receiver
    CA motor grip - KA heat sink, view port drilled to perfect pinion to bevel mesh
    ICS buffer adapter - JB welded to receiver
    ICS buffer tube
    JG crane stock
    G&P ambi mag catch

    Internals: Lower
    ICS lower gearbox - polished
    SHS selector plate - trimmed down contact plate for the mosfet
    Franken torque motor - cyma armature, ported can, SHS pinion
    BTC Spectre mosfet - replaced wiring, gold bullet connectors in buffer tube
    SHS gen 4 16:1 spur and sector gears
    JG bevel
    SHS nylon sector chip
    ICS arl
    ICS 7mm bushings

    Internals: Upper No.1
    ICS upper gearbox - polished, radiused
    CA bearing spring guide
    Super Shooter m120
    SHS blue piston - swiss cheesed,shaved down 2nd and 3rd teeth
    Super Shooter POM piston head - stretched o ring
    CA ported cylinder - steel
    SHS cylinder head - sorbo pad and teflon tape
    Retro Arms o-ring air nozzle - DA o-rings
    JG tappet plate

    Internals: Upper No.2
    ICS upper gearbox - polished
    Systema brass spring guide
    Unknown non linear m120
    Cyma plastic piston - shaved down 2nd and 3rd teeth
    CA piston head
    CA ported cylinder - aluminum
    CA plastic cylinder head - rubber washers and teflon tape
    ICS air nozzle
    ICS tappet plate

    Inner Barrel Assembly No. 1
    ICS plastic hop up unit (soon to be lonex)
    ZCI 6.02 x 363mm
    Lonex 70 degree bucking
    Lonex nub

    Inner Barrel Assembly No. 2
    ICS plastic hop up unit (soon to be lonex)
    Madbull 6.03 x 300mm
    Maple Leaf 75 degree bucking
    M nub


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