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Showcase cover image for ICS MP5-SD6

General Information

Gearbox and other components:
-ICS Gearbox shell, Radiused.
-ICS 6mm steel bushings.
-Prometheus M120 spring.
-ROA X32 Spring Guide.
-SHS 12:1 gears, w/ ZCI 9T bevel(which changs the ratio to 14:1).
-RetroArms 4 steel tooth piston.
-Super Shooter POM piston head.
-ICS MP5 ported brass cylinder.
-Lonex cylinder head w/ 70d sorbo.
-SHS MP5 flat type nozzle.
-ICS tappet plate.
-Lonex trigger contacts.
-ACM steel cutoff lever.
-Apex Garter MOSFET.
-16awg wires.
-Lonex motor connectors.
-JBU Red motor (18TPA, Neodymium).
-MadBull red bucking.
-MARS-Hopped EdGI 6.01 inner barrel.



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