IHOP sends all the newbs from the yard.

  • I started airsoft in 2009, I believe with some friends with spring shotguns in out backyards. Christmas 2010, I got my first good AEG, my Cybergun AK47 RIS.

    After buying and fixing up an AUG A3 from the ASMS boneyard, I started buying and selling airsoft guns on the classifieds. My armory expanded to over 16 guns total, while I currently still own 8.
    List is as follows:
    Cybergun Ak47*
    JG AUG A3
    King Arms M4
    A&K Masada
    M203 launcher
    ICS M4
    Classic Army SR25*
    Classic Army CA33E (2)*
    Classic Army AK47
    UK Arms AK47*
    Echo 1 CSR
    KWA M9 PTP*
    ICS M4 (JP Rifle Kit)*
    VFC/Madbull Daniel Defense/Magpul Custom AR*
    Dboys AKS74U*

    *Still own.

    And a Profile description just isn't complete without an old picture of me with an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon now is it?



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