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Showcase cover image for Inokatsu M4 SBR Custom

General Information

Details & Spec:
Base gun is a Inokatsu w/ the following:
-Magpul enhanced butt pad
-Magpul CTR
-Magpul rear mBus
-Magpul ASAP Ambi sling mount
-Magpul K2 grip
-Magpul trigger guard
-Magpul AFG2
-Magpul XTM rail covers (FDE & FG)
-Rainier Arms Raptor charging handle (surprised drop fit w/o modification)
-LaRue Tactical RISR
-Aimpoint T-2 micro red dot (w/ a lens protector protecting the front lens)
-Centurion Arms C4 rail w/ FSB cutout (again drop fit w/o modification)

-- end for now --
Note1: everything listed here is real steel.
Note2: it is still WIP



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