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CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A MILSIM TEAM AROUND ORANGE COUNTY! I am 18 and a seasoned airsofter, been into MilSim for about 3 years, been airsofting for about 6 years in total. I own a VFC MK17, 2 Custom KWA M4s, a custom KWA KRISS VECTOR, a KMP7, a WETech M4 GBB, and a PolarStar Barrett M82A1 (Snow Wolf base) I have MANY loadouts for ANY occasion, uniform camos include, and are not limited to: Multicam, Kryptek Highlander, AOR1, AOR2, Ranger Green, LBX Glacier Grey, Coyote Brown, Woodland, and Black. I have vests, a total of 10, to fit each of those loadouts in camo varients Multicam, AOR1, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown and Black. I have six (replica) helmets including a Team Wendy EXFIL, OpsCore Ballistic, OpsCore FAST, Crye Precision AIRFRAME, MSA MICH 2000 (Black), and a custom Headcase. I specialize in owning too much stuff yo use, and being ready for any occasion. Inform me of any team opportuties!



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