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So I wrote a really long thing of my whole story but my power went out as I was uploading pictures so it is all gone. spent an hour writing and it is gone.

Basically, I started in 2011 in my backyard. Real event in 2012 and was hooked. Played for 3 years and got better gear and guns then stopped. Spring 2015 got an A&K M240 MkII used it once in backyard and never played a game. Also got really good at tech for M4s. Spring 2016 got a WE Tech GBBR PDW and never used it or played any games. Spring 2017 reminiscing with friends decide to play again in May. Get all new gear and then go play. loved it again. Got HPA stuff 3 days after. Built a Frankenstein HPA gun with parts I had.


P.S. Sorry it is not better but I don\'t want to write it all again.



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