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I am relatively a new player when it comes to CQB and sniping. My first airsoft gun was SCAR-L plastic springer. Later I got a Double Eagle M4a1 carbine as my first legitimate airsoft gun. Then I have decided to use JG Bar-10 G-Spec as my current main load out, and using A47-B as either primary or secondary (depends on the field, number of players and number of bbs I have left). I don\'t operate a gas pistol since I do not often use a secondary. But I still do carry myself a pistol springer I bought from Korea.

I don\'t have a uniform but it is often a black thick jacket and jeans or long pants. I wear helmet and goggles. I use gas mask as my mouth protection.

I often play in CQB since there aren\'t as much open field in my city. I only played in open field once or twice in other places. I often play with my friends. I am not a great sniper but I do enjoy shooting things. I also bring my A47 carbine with me.


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