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Showcase cover image for Jg ak acw

General Information

This gun came in great packaging from Received it a week after the order was placed.

First impressions:

I know a lot of people think this gun looks terrible, but in person it is extremely badass looking. Imagine the coolest M4 with an AK mag, and that's almost what it is. It looks WAY better than it does online.

But man, this gun is extremely heavy. I'm strong enough to use it effectively but if you know that you are a weak person or aren't very strong, I would suggest getting a lighter gun. It's full metal and the few plastic parts seems to be extremely high quality. The crane stock however just doesn't seem very sturdy, it is made out of the typical plastic you would expect, but there is also just a lot of parts that could fall off or break. It's also a really long gun with the stock extended. The crane stock was really frustrating, there are a lot of parts in this particular stock, and it was a tight squeeze, but now that I have the hang of it it's a lot easier, that was the only problem I had when examining the gun.

Shooting it:
Man the rof is fast. I have an 8.4 and 9.6 and while the 9.6 is very fast, the 8.4 is not that far behind, you could have a great rof with the stock battery.

The fps is also very powerful. ASGI chronoed it at 417 before they shipped it, which is right around the average for this gun. The hop up is extremely tight and it takes almost all my force to adjust the hop up, its a slide hop up adjuster system, you push it back and forth, and a quick loosening of one of the screws on that should make a pretty quick fix.

The accuracy isn't as good as it could be right now, but I got the hop up fairly adjusted and once I get a few thousand rounds through the barrel, or if I switch the barrel with my used JBU 6.03 tightbore, it should make a huge difference. The accuracy is also really far. I can reach out and touch a target not much bigger than a head at about 150 feet, probably 7 out of 10 times, its really impressive, especially with a stock barrel.

Using it on myself:
I had my friend shoot me with it at 100-125 feet or so, and I have to say, never again do I want to be on the receiving end with this gun. It would be a lot better with what I use in airsoft and not just a sweatshirt, but it's really gonna help with the cheaters, it's really loud when it hits you and you can definitely feel it. The rof is also a lot more impressive when you are being shot at. I hid behind the shed in our backyard and my friend tried to "snipe" me when I poked my head out on the side, and it's really intimidating, the bbs whizz past as I pull my head back behind cover (with goggles don't worry) so I have high hopes for it in a game.

So far I have had no problems with it besides the tight hop up adjustment, and the front sight is loose with no way to tighten it. And it's heavy and long which could be a problem for smaller players.

The pros cover about everything. It is really well built, very sturdy and doesn't feel like it would break anytime soon. Also great accuracy, range, fps, and rof. I feel like I will get a lot of hits in situations my other gun couldn't compete with. Overall I would say definitely get this gun.



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