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My review for another website. Sorry, when I pasted it here, all the spacing went to crap.

The JG AU-3G is somewhat of a replica of the Steyr AUG, but with a different style rail interface system. With this, JG took their AUG Civilian replica and added an extended rail system. This is different than a real AUG A3 rail that Tokyo Marui replicated correctly with their Hi-cycle AUG.[JG AUG A3 picture: ] [ actual Steyr AUG A3 picture: ]I purchased this Automatic electric gun as a bone yard gun, so I am unaware of when exactly this was originally purchased, so I do not know which version it is.AUGs use a Version/Type 3 gearbox combined with a short type motor. Among others, this gearbox type is shared with AK variants, G36s, and the MP5K. These all use a different motor cage as well. As far as I am aware, no one produces or sells spare AUG motor cages, so if yours breaks, you will need to find one to purchase from a 3rd party.Since the AUG is a bullpup type weapon with the loading and firing mechanisms behind the trigger mechanism, it can utilize a very long barrel length while retaining an overall short gun length. Full length airsoft AUGs have a barrel length off approximately 500-510mm. This is the same as the M14 and the M16. While it has this very long barrel, this is very similar in length to the H&K G36C with its stock extended.The downfall of this airsoft AEG is the externals.This airsoft replica is almost entirely plastic externally, much like the real version. The lower receiver is all plastic, while the upper receiver is what I suspect to be pot metal. Some have a metal rail system, but mine was plastic. Only the top rail is metal on mine. I had bad luck with my lower receiver. Due to it being a bone yard gun, there was a crack in the stock along the side towards the back. I fixed this during the repair process with JB Weld. I would never trust a JG AUG lower receiver to survive a drop or fall as I have dropped mine due to a faulty sling. The drop re opened the original crack that had been repaired with JB weld as well as splitting it along the seam that molded the two plastic halves together. This also broke the screw threads away from the body. The only thing that kept this stock together and usable for that day's game was a modification repair that I installed during the repair process. I will explain more later in the article.Along with the externals, battery space is another big issue with the AUG. Since the gearbox is in the stock, there is not much room left for a battery. You might be able to squeeze a nunchuck or butterfly type battery in there. Me? I decided that since I was going to perform all the necessary modifications to reliably run a Lipoly battery, I might as well use a lipo_Once of the other issues I had when I got this rifle was that the back plate that held the gearbox in the receiver was broken off. To fix this, I put two hex screws through the stock and joined them with a coupler. Not only did this fix the problem of the gearbox sliding out, but it freed up some extra battery space that would have been taken by the back panel. This is that repair that kept the stock together after it dropped.The AUG has a dual stage trigger design. This eliminates the need for a fire selector switch. Using this, you do a half pull of the trigger to fire semi-automatic and a full pull of the trigger to fire automatic. The fire safety switch is conveniently placed right above the hand grip and is easily turned on and off. I must say this safety switch is much more easily accessed compared to a selector like an M4 or AK. You hardly have to contort your hand from the grip to activate it like you would in order for your thumb to reach the switch on an M4. If you are a righty, to switch to fire mode, you can use your first knuckle on your index finger to push it in. To switch to safe you can use your thumb to push it back. This is done without taking your hand off the grip or trigger finger off the trigger.This AUG is almost perfectly balanced over the grip with a battery and loaded magazine, but with a slightly back heavy tendency. The more perfect balance point is somewhere between the back of the grip and the front of the magazine. This is with nothing mounted on the rails.Since the AUG fires a 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, the magazine dimensions are very similar to that of a STANAG magazine used in AR style weapons, thus AUG magazines will fit in AR pouches. While you will need new magazines since this does not fit m4 magazines, you will not need new pouches if you already have AR size pouches.As I have heard from many other JG AUG A3 owners, apparently the iron sights that come with this replica are low quality and do not work very well. I would suggest a new set of sights or an optic. I did not receive any sort of aiming device with this.The internals of this airsoft replica are very sturdy. JG's internals, much like almost every clone company will be great if you do some simple TLC.JG's 18:1 ratio gears are exceptionally strong and durable. They will be able to handle almost any build scenario within reason for a long time. I know of people running these gears on 450+fps springs at over 30 rounds per second for thousand upon thousands upon thousands of rounds without a single hiccup. Of course, these instances were in tuned and upgraded guns, but they were still JG gears, none the less.If you correct the angle of engagement between the pickup tooth on the sector gear and the pickup tooth on the piston, I feel as if the stock piston could last under normal conditions for a very long time. This is the stock JG creme colored piston with 1 metal tooth.Being as this is a clone automatic electric gun, the FPS consistency will probably not be very good. I would suggest a new O-ring to go on your piston head. This will help improve your air seal between the piston head to the cylinder.The two major things I would replace in this gearbox that do not fall under a basic modification are the motor and the bushings. My AUG came with 7mm nylon bushings. I would replace these for metal bushings. The motor was a stock grey ferrite motor that comes stock in many Chinese clone airsoft replicas. I would replace this with a neodymium magnet torque motor. Some JG's come with their blue end bell M92 torque motor which has insane amounts of torque and can pull pretty much any spring you throw at it, but mine did not.The performance of this AEG is above average for your typical clone, I would say. The muzzle velocity should be that of your typical JG, around 400, probably more, since this is JG. The stock rate of fire would be that of your typical clone AEG as well. You might be able to expect around 12 or so RPS. I got 14 RPS after I rewired to deans and used a 7.4v 1600mah 30c lipo battery.This AEG used to come stock with a MOSFET chip wired in. The newer versions like mine did not. Those stock MOSFETs were burning out on abnormally low power outputs like a 9.6v. I would recommend a MOSFET to run an 11.1v lipo or above. if that stock MOSFET burned out on 9.6v batteries, they would most definitely not with stand an 11.1v lipo. My AUG did however come with a fuse. I would replace it with a better fuse like a 30amp as the stock one may blow.The range of this replica is very good. I was able to hit a target that was less than 2 feet x 2 feet at 165 feet 2/2 times with .20g BBs. I would have been able to get more shots off, but it was getting dark, both the target and the BBs were white, and the reticle on the sight I used was very fuzzy. I'm sure with some barrel and hopup upgrades and tuning, you can be hitting targets past 200 feet with ease. Pros:Bullpup. Overall long barrel length in a small package.Light weight. Weighs approximately 8.4 pounds.Plenty of rail space.Dual stage trigger eliminates need for fire selector.V3 gearbox design is very good.Overall very solid internally.Very strong gears.Range is very good for a stock airsoft replica.AUG hopup designs are excellent.Very easy disassembly. Just push a pin half way, and the upper receiver slides right off.Easily accessed safety switch.Cons:Externals leave many things to be desired.Plastic bushings.Plastic spring guide.Some versions have ferrite magnet motor.Stock airseal is bad. This is normal among most stock Automatic Electric guns, however.Ported Cylinder. For the barrel length of this gun, a full cylinder would be better.Back "motor plate" (The thing that holds the gearbox in place) is weak and often breaks.Very limited battery space.Conclusion:This is a very good performing automatic electric gun. While it may have problems associated with being a Chinese clone, most of these are easily fixed if you know what you are doing. I would definitely recommend this to any airsoft player wanting a unique replica that strays away from the all too common AR platform in almost every way. Apart from the externals, this is an overall plus in my book.Disclaimer: I am not responsible what so ever for any modifications you or anyone else performs on your automatic electric gun. If you so choose to follow my suggestions, you do so at your own risk.



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