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Showcase cover image for JG AUG with custom front grip

General Information

This aeg\'s been sitting in a scrap box because it didn\'t feed right. For some reason I felt the urge to re-haul this gun. I did a little work on the internals/externals. I replaced the hop-up bucking, nub, air nozzle, piston, piston head, and spring. i also de- and re-greased, re-shimmed the gearbox, fixed the AOE by shaving off the piston\'s 2nd tooth and adding a washer to the cylinder head. The plastic plate holding the gearbox in place was broken so I did the \"bolt mod\". It also made space for a small-type 9.6v nimh battery. Last but not least, I made a front grip with built in flashlight. It has a momentary trigger switch and an on-off switch. It even bolts into the full length/metal top rail and the pin for the standard folding grip.



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