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This was the first aeg I ever owned. After three years, it finally chipped a tooth and died, so I replaced most of the internals. I chronoed it, and found that it was coming in at 330FPS, 13.3 RPS with a 9.6v 2000 mAh Nimh battery.

Not a bad rate of fire for a DMR, but the FPS left a little to be desired, as it was very inconsistent. It took me awhile, but I was eventually able to track down an upgrade FAL airnozzle with an internal o-ring. Upon installation, I found that the new airnozzle bumped the FPS up to 350. Still not as high as I want, but it\'ll do for now.

Internal upgrades to date:
SHS FAL Aluminium airnozzle w/ internal o-ring
KWG one-piece aluminium cylinder
SHS Gen4 16:1 gearset
SHS shims
SHS blue piston, modded for EBB
Prometheus m120 non-linear spring
Element Low Resistance V3 custom wiring harness/trigger contacts
JG Blue motor
G&G green w/hard nub
ASGI 370mm 6.03 TBB

Chronoing in at approx. 420fps, @ ~15rps w/9.6V 2000 mAh Nimh battery



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