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Showcase cover image for JG MP5-A4 (2009 version)

General Information

I have owned this AEG for about 3 years now with very few issues. It still shoots today, however, the semi automatic seems to be non-functional (something to do with the spring in the trigger). This is easy to fix, I just haven't gotten to it. The attachments in the photograph did not come with the gun, nor did the rails on the hand guard or the paint. I have taken the zoom scope off, along with other things to lighten the weight. The gun comes black, I did the paint myself about a year or so after I purchased it. Accuracy isn't the best, however it does well enough for the short barrel length. The rate of fire is quite nice right out of the box but could be improved with a lipo battery. Internals are alright, however I am planning on upgrading them soon. The price, when I purchased it, was about $110, which is a great deal. I now have 10 magazines for it and a heck of a lot of attachments. This particular model has been discontinued so I'm not so sure whether you can still purchase one new or not. If you have any questions about the gun leave me a message.

(Sorry about the image quality, it wouldn't let me upload a larger file)



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