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General Information

At the time I purchased this gun I was more interested in tech/repair than playing. I was able to pick it up from a boneyard sale. It initially came with the upper and lower, gearbox, rail systemand barrels. The wiring harness was melted and it was obviously missing parts. I orderedthe adjustable stock, magazines, battery, wiring harness, flash hider, foregrip and sling from a retailer. To my surprise I was able to get her firing fairly easily. I then started buying extras from the forums here. I picked up an FDE light with on/off switch, some Magpul flip sights, a charger with an extra battery and a Halo sight. I haven\'t had a chance to take her to the field yet, but what started as a tech hobby now has me very excited about getting full into the sport. Thanks to everyone here that helped me with parts and advice.



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