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Family and friends make up the Blood Corps airsoft team we have formed for SWVA and Tri Cities TN. We mostly play at TAS (The Alternative Sport) in Blountville TN, however we have played at GSF (Grab Some Fun) in Bluff City. We are also planning a trip to Asheville NC to play at Line of Fire Paintball.

We have about 10 members of our team that play at least once a month which includes my 7 year old son who has played since he was near 5 (just in the backyard). I find it great that airsoft is a game that I can bring him and let him play and spend time with him while getting exercise and have fun.

I also have a 6 year old little girl and a beautiful wife of 13 years. Besides Airsoft I enjoy nearly all sports mostly football huge 49ers fan. I also coach every sport my kids play from soccer, basketball, baseball and football.



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