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General Information

By Cannon Fodder

Ok, so I’m fairly new to air soft, and I don’t really want to splash out on a gun that is going to sit under my bed after one use. So I decided to start off small, but not £5 off the market pistol, but get a £30 gun. After hours of searching i came across this, the JLS S-M8.

Ok so ill stop ranting on about nothing, and get down to the review:

Table of Contents

First Impressions
The Final Word

First impression
After anxiously waiting for this gun, i come home to find a small slip from the post office, great, they delivered it in the middle of the day, when nobody was in, so more waiting. When I eventually got it, I ripped off the black plastic it was delivered in, to see the image of the gun on the box smiling up at me. Opening it i was glad to see that everything i had been promised was there; magazine, red dot sight, interchangeable muzzles, and speed loader. It comes fully assembled, so it’s ready to go. Even in the two tone it looks brilliant. The gun looks and feels solid.
The S-M8 was two tone, black and green. With all of the small details the X-M8 has, rubber on the butt stock and the front underside of the gun.
The gun was solid, feels really strong, and the cocking handle, similar to those on a G36, is strong and easy to cock. The gun weighs quite a bit, compared to other guns, but re-enforces the sturdy feel to the gun. Weight 6.7 pounds.
This guns can shoot 300FPS with .20g 6mm BB's, 250 FPS with .12g 6mm BB's. Has an effective range of about 50-60metres, and is highly accurate for a gun of this price.
This gun comes with two interchangeable muzzles, a mock screw on silencer, and a normal flash hider. Two 30 round magazine, and a folding bipod attached. The gun also comes with a projecting red dot sight, but don’t expect great things with it, as its only a freebie.
Ok so i got the gun from a British website called action hobbies for £27.98 three days delivery, came intact, no damage whatsoever. Great deal, would recommend it.
Final word.
I definitely recommend this gun, definitely buy this is your looking for something in this pric range. Contact me for any more questions



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