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Started out like many airsofters, the occasional backyard springer fight. It left something to be desired running around in jeans and having to cock the gun every shot.

So YouTube naturally lead me to discover the mystical world of AEGs and GBBPs. I researched quality guns. Ended up with my beloved SCAR and 1911. Haven't looked back at buying a quality airsoft arsenal.

Then, I noticed a ton of guys who looked just badass with their loadouts (Namely Knief). So I began looking into gear. Started out a spoonfed noob, but I researched some more. You could say I am now a gear enthusiast. The only real high end piece of kit I own now is my awesome Mayflower R&C APC. I have glorious plans however.

Airsoft is awesome. I have managed to get some of friends into it, and some new people who I discovered like the sport even deeper into it. Which is awesome, as airsoft in my neck of the woods is unknown and unorganized. I'd love to help get the fans of the sport in my region organized and educated to try and get regular games up here.

Aside from airsoft, I am a high school student. I aspire to attend the U.S. Naval Academy and study nuclear physics. Then I'd love to become a Navy Nuke. After the Navy, I'd love to start my own company or join the private nuclear sector. I enjoy video games, riding my bike, woodworking, programming, robotics, and computers. I am a nerd's nerd.



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