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General Information

When I saw the DBoys KAC PDW for the first time, I was amazed. It looks awesome, it shoots very well, it is powerful and yet very, very compact. For its size, the gun is incredibly comfortable.

Let’s find out the details…
I bought the gun in our store in Prague. I thoroughly tested this gun way before putting it for sale, so here is the information first hand.

First of all, how exactly is inside the box? There is the gun, obviously. Then, there is a very well crafted, 80 rounds full-size magazine, a somewhat doubtful charger, tactical fore-grip, sling mount, cleaning rod, outer barrel extension, a small size AN/PEQ for the battery and a bag of .2 g bbs (threw them out immediately).

As soon as you lift the gun, you will notice it weighs some hefty 2.8 kg (6 lbs), yet is very well balanced and offers a comfortable grip. It gets even better, when you put the PEQ and the tactical fore-grip on. It has a quad-rail system. On the top of the upper receiver, there is a full length RIS rail stretching from the muzzle to the charging handle and there are three others on each side and bottom of the barrel. The rails are fully made of metal (my guess would be aluminum).

The upper and lower receiver are also metal made and so is the outer barrel, trigger, stock, sling mount, bolt catch, front and back flip-up sights, flash hider, selector switch and magazine catch. The only plastic thing is the pistol grip.

The selector switch and the magazine catch are ambidextrous, so even left-handed people (such as me) are happy and comfortable. The flip-up sights can be removed (in case a collimator or optic sights are mounted), but that is not necessary, as they can be simply folded.

There is no wobble at all anywhere on the gun. Everything is just as solid and hefty as it looks. The stock is right side folded and can be locked on the side of the gun. To fold it, press a big button on its left side. It has a serrated butt plate, which gives you a perfect slip-free grip on your shoulder.

The gun has a nice matt powder paint finish.

How does it perform?
Out of the box, this rifle gives you some 120m/s (some 390 fps), which is just beautiful. Prior to the beginning of selling this gun, I was just amazed by the performance of this gun. Even though the barrel is only some 229 mm (9 inches) long, it has almost pin point accuracy to some 50 meters (54.5 yards). I was using .28 TM bbs.

The PDW has an M4 standard hop-up unit, so it is easy to set.

With the battery (you will get a Chinese NiCd 1200 mAh battery), you may get up to some 10 rounds per second, however, with an 11.1 LiPo (the one I put in), you will reach a beautiful 13 to 14 rounds per second. Velocity and rate of fire are consistent. The motor performs perfectly on this one and the wiring is good. I must say that DBoys got much better when making the FN SCAR. They kept that standard on the KAC PDW.

I sent some two thousand bbs through the barrel and there was not a single jam. At 20 m (22 yards), you will have no problem hitting a 10 cm target (just below 4 inches) fifteen times out of twenty. At 40 m (44 yards), you should be able to hit a 10 cm target six to ten times from twenty shots. At 50 meters (54.5 yards) you will surly hit a human sized target to the upper torso.

The DBoys KAC PDW is a great gun. It is good as primary gun (e.g. PMC re-enactors) and nearly perfect as a secondary for snipers. It is compact, versatile, easily upgradeable, and durable. Materials used will definitely stand against harsh conditions, such as rain, mud or rocks.

Firing capabilities persuaded me that I want this gun and, as you can see, gave it to myself as an early Christmas gift. As a little bonus, I gave myself an original AIMPOINT with an L mount and some MAGPUL medium size, low-cap (50 rounds) P-Mags. This whole deal cost me some 350 dollars, but it was totally worth it. It looks just awesome in this configuration.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I have shown some of you, what a great gun the DBoys KAC PDW is.



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