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Hey guys,

I discovered airsoft a few years back, as a few of my friends had cheap springers. We started playing regularly, and within a year of backyard airsofting, tactics, scenarios, and ambition came into play. I connected with a few more friends, who had a private field and real AEGs and good loadouts. So we started buying good equipment, replicas, etc... That's how the Team Ghost Airsoft Valbonne was born.
At first 4 poorly armed and equipped friends, we became soon an ambitious and well organised team: 10 players, a field with a bunker, a common uniform (german army), MilSim-like scenarios, two fire teams. Our seriousness got rewarded by us beinginvited to some important local semi-MilSim OP's organized throughout the french riviera.
One of France's only airsoft minor-only association, our goal is to participate in big international MilSim games, like Berget or Lion Claws.



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