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Role: Meat Shield. Jk, I'm the rushing scout Primary: Upgraded APS URX M4 with a KAC suppressor Secondary: Pimped, fully upgraded Glock 17 Gear: TMC 6094, some fast mag pouches. Blackhawk Serpa, Oakley hard knuckle gloves, desert revisions, mesh mask, Emerson Fast helmet. Height: 5'4" and growing quick lol. Age: 14 About me: I've been playing for a solid two or three years, I love the game, but I'm more of a "chairsofter" I've had at least 40 guns in my "career" Though I need better gear. And a better gun. And a pegboard. And $1000 lol. I like to help people when I can, but I try not to give false information, so I only post when I'm positive of the information. Thanks for having me on the forums :)


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