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General Information

History: The Glock company came a long way to being one of the most successful firearms manufacturers in the world. Glock started small with only a few products but has developed into a large company that serves many agencies around the world. By providing a variety of quality and safe products, the company has produced many satisfied customers and has pioneered many different techniques and materials in the firearms industry.

Glock was founded in 1963 in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria, a small town near Vienna. Gaston Glock was the founder of this company and the first products they manufactured were curtain rods. In the 1970’s, the company moved on from producing plastic curtain rods to producing plastic kitchen boxes, shovels, utility knives and machine gun ammo belts. After many years of producing these fine plastic products, Mr. Glock decided to move on and try to produce a gun.Glock Parts - History

The first Glock gun was the Glock 17 and Mr. Glock started working on this pistol in 1980. Once the model was introduced to the public, Mr. Glock was excited to find that the Austrian Army adapted the Glock 17 as their weapon of choice. In 1984, the Glock company finally went international with their product because the Norwegian Army also picked up the Glock 17 as their standard issue weapon.

The Glock company kept working hard on producing even more innovative and technologically advanced models of pistols for different uses. The Glock 18 was the next model the company produced. After rigorous testing and development, it was put on the market for the public to buy. The growing company established a manufacturing plant in Symrna, Georgia in response to its demanding orders for pistols.

While still supplying the demands of its existing customers, Glock still found time to develop new pistols and in 1988, the G17L and the G19 were introduced to the public. The company also decided in the same year to give all of its pistols serrated front and back straps.

In the year 1990, Glock introduced a number of new pistol models to its customers. The G22 and G23 were the first .40 S and W guns available. The G20 and G21 models were also introduced to the public by Glock.

From 1994 to 1997, Glock was also a busy company and was able to produce several new pistol models that they made available to the public and to law enforcement agencies. These new models included the G24, G25, G26, G27, G29 and G30. Glock also introduced models G31 to G36 to the public throughout these years.

Glock is a company that started with one small plastic manufacturing plant. It soon became a leader in the pistol industry and has provided many needed weapons for the military, police force and security personnel. Glock customers keep coming back to the company for all their weaponry needs because the products are well-designed, sophisticated and easy to use. Glock uses only the most reliable and durable materials for its pistols, making them safe and effective. (

Exterior: bottom half is ABS, the slide is full metal. It is a compact weapon *172 mm
* very easy to carry because its light weight *560.00g * Looks intimidating *the real steal is a .40 cal round* cycles fast because of its size, it holds 15 rounds *real steal holds 9*. and is all around sexy little pistol.

Performance: had it a couple years and it still shoots 240 fps. Shoots fairly straight but as you can tell its small so its not outstanding accuracy. For me it has good gas consumption, 2 or so per fill.

Conclusion: Great pistol, looks cool, and shoots well. My rating 5/5 great for a compact pistol.



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