KJW M9 Vertec Mil-Spec

  • This was my first gas pistol coming into airsoft, and while I've had it it had been a good sidearm.
    Important notes:
    -ABS Polymer slide/frame. More fragile but more lightweight, also means that it takes less gas to cycle the slide
    -SET HOP-UP is set for .20g BBs
    -Gas efficiency was average/slightly below average. Got a little more than a mag out of a single fill of gas
    -Maximum kill range I got on this gun was at 140ft
    -The most temperamental parts was the right side of the safety switch (it had a tendency to be loose and even fall off, had to tighten it regularly)
    -Overall a 4/5 sidearm. Very cheap, but reliable at that price for a GBB pistol. If you just need a sidearm but can't splurge on one then this is a relatively decent deal for about $65


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