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Showcase cover image for KJW Sig Sauer P226

General Information

Upgrades include:

- RA-Tech 6.01mm tight bore inner barrel
- Falcon 60 degree hopup rubber / bucking
- Nine Ball teflon recoil spring rod

Accessories pictured:

- Army Force M3 LED Torch


Out of the box this gun shoots 315-335fps w/ 0.20g\'s, and performs well above average in terms of range, accuracy and reliability compared to similarly priced GBBP\'s.

And with the Falcon hopup rubber and other upgrades, I\'ve got this pistol shooting a consistent 345-350fps with tight sub-1\" groupings at 25 feet (indoors, room temp gun+mags, 0.20g w/ hopup nearly maxed). I have long used this gun as my primary weapon in CQB, and after thousands of shots it\'s still delivering effective fire on the field.



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