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Got started playing airsoft back in 2009 doing mostly underground military simulation events after a group of friends introduced me to the sport. I was put into a squad of about eight other people, I only knew one or two of them really well but I was meeting the others for the first time. A couple of months later, I was made the OIC (Officer In Charge) after the old squad leader stopped attending games. By than I had already earned the trust and respect of the other squad members, and I knew no matter what we all had each others backs in a fight.

For a lot of those games it was basically learn as you go. You were given your orders and a target or a mission, and all of the mission planning and execution were left up to the squad or platoon assigned to the mission. It was there that I learned a lot of the skills and techniques that I still use today. Mission planning, assaulting, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, small unit tactics...

Not to mention the most important skill of shooting, using fast and accurate fire and precision shooting. So my M4 rifle has always been my go to primary weapon, with my sidearm as a backup in case I need it. And I developed a mod kit (similar to SOPMOD kit) of external gear I can mount on my M4 when I need too to met different mission requirements.

On my personal load out, I carry 8 midcap magazines in my vest with +1 already loaded in to my M4, plus two spare mags for my 1911 with a +1 magazine already loaded. I usually carry one Tornado grenade on me if I\'m allowed to, and at least one or two smoke grenades or ThunderB grenades. During events with night gameplay, I\'ll usually carry a few different colored chemical lights for marking locations or drop off points for vehicles.

(Disclaimer: The image I\'m using for this page is from Down Range: Navy SEALs in the War on Terrorism by **** Couch. I used that image as basis to figure out my gear setup, I\'m going to replace when I can with one of my gear as soon as I can.)



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