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General Information

Ok, so I bought this gun. I will be doing this review over a length of days, for reasons.

Now I got the gun today.

The gun comes with.

A speed loader. (Crap)
A hop up adjustment tool.
A new bottom Mag plate.
Two manuals. (In chines, but great pictures)
100 KSC .20g BBs.
15rd Mag.

And last but not least, KSC G26.

Now the gun is very beautifully built. The trades are crappy, but hey I have a Glock. Now the gun itself needed so e silicon oil right out of the package, but besides that it cycles fine.

The guns very stable, and feels very nice in your hand, but the mag holds 15rd which is a bummer, but any KSC Glock mag will fit a G26. Now I will not have green gas till Monday, so shouting test begins there.


Now, there are a lot of "rebrands" of KSC, this one I bought from Ehobbyasia for around $170, so it's a KSC from all the forums I've read through. Now the gun weighs the exact same as a RS G26 with no mag, but the airsoft version had the Mag in. Now the reasons I bought this is because the Russian ministry if the interior uses them.

So I will post another section soon.


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