• I purchased this pistol from my local shop(Master Hobbies in Leceister, MA) for 130.00.

    The gun itself is the replacement for the KWA M series Glock. it has the same shape as a glock and fits all Glock related items but has different features. This gun comes in a KWA box with a hop up tool, silicone oil, different sized backstrap, and bbs. the orange tip of the gun is pretty much just placed in the end of the barrel. the threads are not 14mm so do not bother trying to add your suppressor or extension to it. the weight of the gun feels the same as the M series and very close to that of the real Glock. it comes with a full metal slide and outter barrel and a polymer frame just like the real glock. The mag of course is metal.

    The grip of the frame has a new design on it with an adjustable backstrap for different sized hands. another difference is the rail on the underside of the frame. they have changes the rail from the original Glock style rail to a picantinny rail system to adapt a larger array of accessories.

    KWA also has put the NS2 gas system in the pistol allowing it to be much more efficient. I have fired 3 full clips and 5 extra bbs on one gas charge.

    The ATP is also compatible with the original M series Glock mags from the KWA and KSC versions(NOT TM COMPATABLE) so you can use your 50rd high caps in the new pistol.

    Many of the parts are interchangeable as well, like both outter and inner barrels, guide rods and springs, but the slides are not interchangeable and you cannot make the ATP into a G18c and have it be full auto. it will NOT work.

    The accurracy of this pistol is great. with no hop up adjustments at all(all the way off) I was able to get a grouping of about one(1) inch from 20 ft. away. I was able to hit nine(9) out of ten(10) times (random flyer)a human target from 60ft away with the hop up slightly adjusted.

    The ATP chronos in at ~335fps with .20 bbs. ASGI says 340-350fps but they always rate their guns a little high.


    NS2 system, compatability to M series parts and mags, fits all glock parts and accessories(i.e holsters), accurate


    If you take the two halves apart they look great but together I feel that the grip does not do the gun justice. It just doesnt fit the style IMO, Mags are still expensive no matter which you buy

    Overall with the compatability to the old M series mags and parts and the new NS2 gas system I would rate the ATP 9 out of 10.


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