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Showcase cover image for KWA CQRmod2/SR12 Hybrid gun

General Information

This gun has been in my collection since the cqr was released, but the SR-12 components have recently been installed since I severely messed up my SR-12, so I custom worked parts into the cqr, shoots great. Conversion (between school, work, and athletics) took about a week. This included swapping bodies, custom filing grinding hopup and bucking (and honing in) sawing down 509mm barrel I had laying around, and all the other tid bits of extra parts.

Solid as a brick.

(P.S. yes, I wanted to keep it very stock looking, with exception on magpul grip and stock. I have a CASV rail system for it but I prefer this look. I know I could attach a foregrip but I'm currently working on making a custom handguard with built in fore grip.)

Hope you all enjoy!

I love the gun, performs great. Now time to start the HK417 build! which will be posted soon-ish.



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