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Showcase cover image for KWA KMP9 Airsoft submachine gun

General Information

Compact Design

Top Rail For Optic

FPS: 350-400

Description:Like New Condition. $ 190.00 USD.

The KWA KMP9 is a fantastic gas blow back airsoft gun. It features KWA\'s famous
NS2 Gas System which gives the gun an unbelievable rate of fire, unparalleled
reliability, and unimaginable performance. The barrel is made of steel, the
rest of the frame is made from a fiber reinforce polymer, therefore the gun is
lightweight but just as strong as any other full metal gun. The stock folds to
the side and features a thumb groove to make it comfortable to grip the
vertical fore grip with the stock folded; the stock can even be removed if you
like! The charging handle functions to pull the blowback assembly back. The movement is smooth and crisp, there really is nothing else like it on the market. The KMP9
features two rails, a top rail for optics and right mounted side rail for
accessories. The fire selector is above the magazine release and when \'full
auto\' is selected the user still has to the ability to fire semi auto with a
half pull of the trigger. The included magazine hold 48 rounds and a 20 round magazine, original packaging.


Manufacturer: KWA

Muzzle Velocity: 350-400+ on green gas w/ .20b BB

Magazine Capacity: 48 rounds

Package Includes: gun, 48 magazine, 20 magazine , hop up tool, original packaging



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