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So today I am reviewing the Gas Blow Back KWA LM4c PTR. (Everything here applies for the LM4 and LM4c models.) Basic Information: The KWA LM4 is a very high quality gas blow back rifle. It is used often in training for law enforcement, as well as training for military. The blowback is very crisp and seems to have the most blowback from all of the GBBR's I have used. KWA uses the NS2 system in the magazines, which is great for the amount of full magazines you can get. I have gotten almost 2.5 full magazines before the gas ran out. External Features: The LM4 features a full metal upper and lower receiver, giving the gun a nice weight and realistic feel. The outer barrel, iron sights, and flash hider are also metal. The Lm4c comes with a 10.5" outer barrel, while the lm4 comes with the standard 14.5" barrel. A carbine handguard, LE stock, and a2 pistol grip are the only polymer externals on the gun. Internal Features: In the Lm4, the internals consist of mostly steel. The bolt carrier is full steel, which gives it very nice recoil. The trigger mechanism is steel, but the trigger seems to be a polymer. FPS: Out of the box, the gun is perfect for field usage, shooting at 390-400 FPS with .20 gram BB's. have installed the Dangerwerx CQB-R valve for CQB usage and the FPS has been around the 340 marking. Pros: Nice Recoil Fairly Good Accuracy Easy to Maintain Good for CQB and Field Flash hider easy to remove for after market accessories. rnOne of the only GBBR's that works well in the cold weather. rnBuilt like a tank. Very sturdy. rnrnCons: Magazines are expensive (45+), 380$ Base gun. But hey, you get what you pay for. Great quality. Would I recommend this gun? Absolutely Price: 8/10 (Wish it was cheaper) Performance Warm Weather. 10/10. Performance Cold Weather. 9/10. (FPS lowers slightly.) Overall Rating Average: 27/30 = 9/10 = 90%



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