• Hey fellas! This has been my project for the last few months and at last it is completed! I got the KWA M4 RIS from CHAP and went from there. The lower is completely stock internally and externally. I could invest in some new stuff for the gear box and motor, but I am fine with KWA parts. I got the upper used from a guy. It has a Noveske RIS and CQB length barrel. This is where the fun begins. I have a quick detach mock suppressor that I am using as a barrel cover, but I also have a fully assembled short barrel assembly. If I want to, I can drop out the normal length barrel and drop in the shorty to knock off something like 7 inches from the length of the rifle. I have flip up front and rear sights, a replica 551 EOTech and of course, Magpul hardware. I use MAG brand plastic magazines which I have never had any issue with. All in all, I have somewhere between $450 and $600 into this rifle and it has served my quite well. I have no intent to part with it anytime soon!


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