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General Information

My recent upgrade GBB Pistol and I'm just loving it (though I'm still in need of more mags, those are expensive).
Important Notes:
-Overall 5/5 Pistol, as is pretty much all KWA pistols, being a top-tier brand. And hence the $150 price tag
-Accuracy is excellent
-Functional Decocker is a very handy feature
-Field Stripping is a little harder to do, as the recoil spring has a tendency to jump out
-Above average gas efficiency, I can get about a solid 2 mags with one gas fill, maybe a little bit more
-Crisp blowback, trademark of the NS2 gas system
-Outer barrel is polymer, for a reason however, less scratches from the slide and smoother action
-Everything else is Full Metal, with the exception of the grips
-Solid feel, and feels like true 1:1 scale with an actual Beretta m9
If you have the money, get a KWA or TM, seriously. Airsoft is a you-get-what-you-pay-for-sport



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