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Showcase cover image for KWA USP .45

General Information

I bought this replica almost 6 months ago off of this forum. I still have yet to fix it and it is a WIP of mine that has been put on the shelf. I still do not quite know how to diagnose it and have resorted to keeping it for its looks with the intention of diagnosing and fixing it at a later point in time.

By all means it works, but only to a certain extent. The safety on it I know does not work and it has problems with feeding issues when it gets down to the last 6-7 rounds.

The trademarks for it were taken off by the original owner(s) as well as painting it gold. I took off the gold paint and went ahead and bead blasted the slide to give it a better look. I thought about re-painting it, but I like the chrome look of the slide and will keep it that way.




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