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*NOTE* Picture is very old I will update it later.

tl;dr~4 years of Airsoft experience, mostly at Mil-Sim events and with a group of friends, Infantry Marine (0341 MOS), Battle rifle with rco, stupid side arm for giggles, willing to play just about any position but am most comfortable as either medic or assault team.

My name is Kyle (Callsign Spider, cause we all gosta have a cool callsign so we can be operator), and I am looking for a team in or near (~2 hours drive) Jasper/North West Arkansas. Mil-Sim would be great, but I will play Airsoft regardless if you\'ll have me.

I\'ve played Mil-Sim Airsoft in Central Ohio for about 4 years, and I\'ve just recently moved down to Arkansas for work. Really I\'m just looking for something to do on the weekends, maybe even get back into shape a little bit. For my old team I was essentially a roaming medic for our three 3 man squads, although when signing up for events that required detailed knowledge of team structure I was with the assault squad (we had an assault, defense, and flank/recon squad).

I am proficient at CQB (room clearing, squad movements, door to door and house to house) and Mid-Range with my 417, which has a 4x sight on it, tactical light, and an angled foregrip, and that\'s about all it needs. For giggles my current sidearm is a bolt action rifle with a sawed off barrel and no sights for a funny sidearm/CQB weapon. I generally wear my Woodland Tigerstripe with either a Spider-Man hat or my infamous black cowboy hat. I have personalized name tapes and 1 or 2 medic patches, a pair of pretty crappy goggles, some Wal-mart fingerless gloves, and enough BB\'s to last me like 10-12 games...although now that I think about it, I don\'t think I have a dead rag ready yet.



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