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General Information

This is a very heavily modified Lancer Tactical M4A1 RIS. In fact, at this point I don\'t think it can even be considered a Lancer Tactical anymore, since the new parts out number the original parts by quite a lot.

Externally, nothing of the original gun remails. Everything has been replaced with the following parts...
-Tan Crane Stock (mfr unknown)
-DBoys One Point Sling Plate
-Matrix 6 Position Metal Buffer Tube
-DBoys Metal Receiver
-G&P Front End Assembly (using the outer barrel and flash hider)
-Madbull Daniel Defense 7.5in RIS II Free Floating Rail
-EoTech 551 Replica
-ZCI M4/AR Pistol Grip
-Magpul PTS RVG
-Magpul PTS Flip-up Rear Sight
-Magpul PTS Flip-up Front Sight (not pictured)

Internally, the original parts include the gearbox shell, cylinder, tappet plate, selector plate, trigger switch, spring guide and inner barrel. Everything else has been replaced with the following...
-Bravo Cylinder Head
-Modify Piston Head
-SHS 15T Piston
-SHS 13:1 Gears
-SHS Delay Clip
-SHS HT Motor
-ZCI Metal Air Nozzle w/ Intergrated O-ring
-Core SP120 Spring
-Lonex Cutoff Lever
-ZCI Metal Hop-up Unit
-G&G Green Bucking (modified for flat-hop)
-SHS 7mm Steel Bushings

Beyond installing the new parts, I have put a lot of teching time into this gun as well. Teching mods performed on this gun include...
-Cleaned the gearbox and all internal components, removing factory grease
-Polished the gearbox shell inner surfaces where friction takes place (piston and tappet plate tracks especially)
-Polished the gears, cylinder and cylinder head
-Reinforced the gearbox by radiusing the front corners of the cylinder window
-Glued bearings into place
-Shimmed perfectly from pinion to sector gear
-Corrected AOE
-Replaced stock wire with 16 gauge wire
-Constructed and installed a 3034-based mosfet so the 11.1v lipo does not fry the contacts
-Regreased and relubed the gearbox
-Achieved a perfect air seal from piston head to air nozzle
-Flat-hop modification for the hop-up unit

As it stands now, the gun is shooting at a pretty consistent 370fps. With an 11.1v lipo, it is hitting 33rps. Using .25g BBs, I can reach out past 250\' (farther in good conditions). The mags I currently use (King Arms 120rnd Mid-Caps) have trouble feeding anything heavier, so I do not know how far out heavier BBs would travel.



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