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Showcase cover image for LARUE LT-15

General Information

Receiver Iron Airsoft, Railsystem Larue 10" Big Dragon, Betaproject 16" Outerbarrel,
JBU 6.01 Innerbarrel, G&P Vltor-Modstock & 6 Pos. Buffertube, Tango Down Grip, Magpul AFG & Railcover, Rainier Arms Flashhider, Iron Airsoft Gasblock-Laruestyle, BMC, G&P St.Bolt with Iron Airsoft Al Nozzle, Inokatsu HopUp-System with RaTech-Rubber. Troystyle-Flip-Up-Sights, G&P Aimpoint M2 Reddot with Laruemount, Iron Airsoft Ambi-Fireselector. Betaproject Pmags 40rd



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