• If you know who I am, you probably know plenty about this gun. It is ALWAYS changing, internally as well as externally. It is what I use to test out new teching products and was my first ever AEG. The current build list is extensive, but here goes:

    -DBoys 7mm GB shell

    -SHS 7mm bushings

    -DBoys selector plate and spring

    -DBoys safety lever and spring

    -DBoys trigger housing, trolley, spring and

    -DBoys tappet plate and spring

    -DBoys trigger and spring

    -DBoys cutoff lever

    -DBoys AR latch and spring

    -Lonex pom piston head

    -SuperShooter spring guide

    -Guarder sp120 spring

    -SHS 15t piston (swissed)

    -Angel Custom Type 0 cylinder

    -SHS cylinder head

    -Modify air nozzle

    -SHS gen1 bevel with ZCI 13:1 gears

    -Lonex A1 TITAN motor

    -16awg wiring with deans

    -3034 based MOSFET with TVS diode and 30a polyfuse

    -systema bucking (flathopped)

    -MadBull 455mm 6.03 tbb

    -rhop patch installed with custom eraser nub


    -bevel to pinion shim

    -grease bushings, gears and piston racks

    -AOE correction and 70d sorbo

    -cut tappet return spring 2 coils and shaved front
    of tappet plate

    -glued in bushings

    -radiused cylinder window

    -hop up arm cut

    -tune rhop patch

    -glue rhop patch

    -permatex bucking

    -seal hopup

    -stabilize barrel


    -RPS 37 with 16:1 (154amp burst 11.1v LiPo)

    -FPS 410

    -Range 250+ft (need to tune rhop to test further distances)


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