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Welcome, stranger. You can call me Leo.
I'm a writer. Check out my Blog:
As far as airsoft goes, I've only been seriously airsofting for about two years with limited funds and limited trips to fields. I would like to get into teching, and I'll be making a thread on that soon.
I have been immersed in all things military for as long as I can remember. I can't remember when I learned how to shoot a gun right, and I remember setting up complicated ambushes with my toy plastic soldiers. I believe that victory in airsoft is not about speed or even accuracy. It's about movement. Like a giant chess match.
I co founded a team in South Florida, and currently lead it. We call ourselves Spartan Squad (Not like the guys in Halo), and I am in charge of training up our newbs. If you're interested in joining us or playing with us PM me.



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