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General Information

My friends call me Li, but everyone is my friend so everyone can call me that :) I am an avid airsofter and have been playing for 3-4 years. If you know me, I\'m an old school player who uses hand signals, older gear, and more robust guns (Cold War Era). I\'m also interested in many technical airsoft innovations that can make my job of clearing rooms and suppressive fire easier.

About Me:
If you knew, I\'m the sort of guy who has no luck in love. I\'m a 5\'8 guy and pure blood Chinese. I have an arsenal of entertainment skills ranging from Five Finger Fillet to even Breaking Multiple Wood Slats with a Karate Chop (no racism intended). Others say I\'m funny but I could tell you that my senior quote will not be \"I broke a cinderblock with my head.\" I also have an avid hate for the more popular plate carriers with all these other spoiled kids saying what is best and what is \"speed\". Gear is functional, not pretty.

My Role:
I am in fact in an inactive team and have the logo up if you see the image. I usually go with groups to the most dangerous CQB environments and clear rooms voluntarily as I would rather be shot than my friends. That is the same reason why I also volunteer to be a vehicle gunner all the way to protecting VIP. All I ask for in return is kindness and respect that everyone else gets.

Bad Refs
Banshee Plate Carriers
Magpul Masada\'s
Pot Metal
Failed Builds
Painted. Freaking. Guns. (love hydrodipping though)


Where I Play:
I\'m a Californian airsofter.
Tac City (ask me and I will join you if you want! Both fields!)
Code Red Airsoft (ditto)
Hollywood Sports Park (sure!)
Vacaville Airsoft (this place needs more in donations, nice owner who uses money to benefit players and repair fields! I only go on vacations :D )
SC Village (go for it!)

BTW. Shout out to my friend Archie who might get back into airsoft, he drew the team logo.



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