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About the Team: I am one of three founders of Nemesis Enforcement Airsoft in Warsaw NY, a small town between Buffalo and Rochester NY. Our team is in the Club Registery if you want/need more info. Also check out the players created by ThatSobusKid, and mrobins230, the other two founders of the Team. Any questions, comments, complaints, concerns, contact me at [email protected], or send a message to Frostytheginger.

About Frosty: My real name is Nick Barnes,I am usually referred to Lockdown. I use a G&G GR16 Blowback M4 I purchased off of Airsoftgi.comtwo years ago. So far the upgrades I have on my rifle are Magpul handgaurd, Magpul vertical foregrip, Magpul enhanced trigger guard, Angel custom flash hider, elzetta flashlight mount with Creeled flashlight, NC Star three color reticle sight, and a laser.If you have any questions about me or the team contact me at [email protected].



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