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I am a full time teacher for all ages from k-12. I teach elementary math all the way up to calc2. During the school hours, i work with children that have very unique needs:). After the school hours, i have the high school students taht come in for credit make up or actual teaching. I have a few chem students, health, biology, anatomy, and calc students as well.

I am a Aerospace engineering student as well. I will be transferring to Utah State University in about 7 months. I love science and math. Actually, i hated math in highschool. I only like math because of what i can do with it haha.

I am a very simple player. I am an avid paint player and have a very simple but highly effective setup. I rely on skill and my surroundings than on my hardcore equipment. I play woodsball and speedball. I use a tippmann 98 with a freak barrel system. I have no fancy triggers or anything like that. Its just all point and shoot for me.

I just started airsoft, actually i have not even played as of today(nov 2nd 2016), i am wanting to play because here in utah, we have a 40,000 square foot indoor arena and woodsball is not an option for paint in the winter haha.

My airsoft gear is as follows
JG AK74 beta spetznaz
GoG tac vest
5.11 tac pants
GoG paint mask



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