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Showcase cover image for Luuk "Panic"

General Information

InvaderGear: Revenger UBACS in ATP
Fostex Multicam BDU Pants
Team Patch ( right arm)
Dutch flag patch ( left arm)

Vest Type:
Unknown brand Outer Tactical Vest (OTV)

Vest, Front:
H-Tactical 4 STANAG mag, magazine pouch with bungie.
H-Tactical 2 STANAG mag, magazine pouch
Name tape in Greyish white.
2 point/1 point adjustable sling woven trough strap on the back
2 Red & 1 Orange Cyalume

Vest, Back:
H-tactical utility pouch
H-tactical double grenade pouch
H-tactical Radio pouch for AN/PRC-152
7 meters of 550 Paracord in OD

Vest, Other:
Home made imitation Interceptor plates

Helmet Type:
Imitation Ops-Core Carbon Helmet in Snakeskin pattern

Helmet Accessories:
Callsign Patch Left side.
Green 550 paracord Webbing

Black Baklava

101 Inc. Tactical Assault PSE8 googles with clear/yellow/black lense

Unknown Double ring belt
H-tactical Twin pistol mag pouch

Real IMI Defense Roto paddle holster for SIG SAUER p226

101 Inc. Recon Boots in green

7 High cap STANAG MAgs (not in use)
10 G&P STANAG midcaps (inbound)
1 P226 magazine

GFC tactical Shooter gloves
Thinsulate winter gloves in black ( held in cargo pockets. one in each)

Modified D-Boys scar: Fully rebuilt and upgraded gearbox with silver steel gears,ported cilinder and it has been reshimmed, 7.4 Volt Lipo, Two tone custom paintjob,
Foregrip (painted), painted cheeck riser, Painted and shortened rail covers.

Tasco 3-9x42 variable zoom electronic scope with red and green ilumination. both in 5 levels of power
Standard Scar flip up sights

Gun, Secondary:
TM Sig Sauer P226E2

Extra stuff on/in vest:
Red Rag
Emergency Batteries
Extra Gun battery
Paracord (multiple collors)
Military Compass
9Leds Flaslight
Paracord in right arm pocket of UBACS shirt
Incoming gear:
twin STANAG mag pouch quick acces bungie in coyote
Dump pouch in Coyote

AS stated before i have created imitation interceptor plates to make the vest more sturdy

Final Thoughts:
This loadout is a WIP. I still need a hydration setup. And a Radio setup.
The loadout has been designed to work with multicam and AOR1, Hence the coyote brown gear.
I have created this loadout on personal preference and It is not an impression kit so it can look weird to some people.
But it works for me! Thanks for reading and if there are things that are unclear please quote me and I will try to fix those issues.



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