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It surprises people, but i dont actually have a gun. I an basically the tech for my much more economically endowed friends =P It all started when my friend and i spent about 3 months upping his jg bar-10. Since then, i have built two mk96s for friends who wanted to outsnipe the bar-10. Basically they come to me and say "here's $1200, make me a baller sniper rifle". Than i lecture them about how its not the gun that makes the sniper, but they don't listen. I don't actually make any money, but i do it because we're buds, i love upping rifles and while im in the process of making a monster rifle I have a gun to play with. So technically I've played airsoft for about a year, but it depends on whether or not I am working on a gun or not.
I love sniping and airsoft, and i'm saving up for the day that i can build a rifle and call it my own.

good hunting


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