M15A4 - Tagger

  • Built off a used CA sport line gun. New pictures soon.

    CA full stock
    CA metal body
    G&P lmt grip
    G&P front barrel assebly
    AB Arms hand guards
    Unknown mock gas tube
    CA hand guard cap
    Ares mock silencer - inner barrel extension removed
    CA carry handle sight - cut down and painted
    Unknown charging handle

    G&P m120 motor
    CA trigger and spring
    CA sportsline GB - radiused, piston rails polished
    SHS 6mm bushings.
    ICS spur and sector, CA bevel - shimmed bevel to pinion
    SHS metal sector chip
    JG cutoff lever
    CA safety lever
    CA sportline selector plate
    Ca trigger housing - SHS trolley
    ASG wiring - deans
    Lonex gold motor conectors
    G&P steel ball bearing spring guide
    SHS m120
    CA aluminum ball bearing cylinder head
    CA stock piston
    Unknown steel double o ring cylinder head - hammar mod silicone bumper
    CA sport line tappet plate - area for gear shaft ground out, front shaved down 1mm
    Uknown o ring air nozzle - glued to tappet plate, beveled front

    Inner Barrel Assembly
    Prowin hop up
    VFC 6.03 x 380mm barrel
    Lonex 70 degree bucking
    o rings used to press hop up against GB

    Future Plans
    Tactical nukefet
    ZCI balanced motor


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