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Showcase cover image for M4 Modifed / upgraded sniper rifle

General Information

. Started off by adding a metal King Arms hop up assy. Dental flossed the bucking, To a tight bore barrel, i took any play out of barrel assy, upgraded the air nozzle to 2 o-ring type.Swiss cheesed the piston, added a metal cylinder head, and Teflon taped it, installed SP150 spring, Custom spring guide , AEX Extreme torque motor , high speed gears, , perfectly shimmed gear box, run an 11v lipo battery, 4x9 scope with lighted optics. I put a little effort into this gun. I just wanted to see if I could make a sniping rifle out of an M 4. And I did. But at 610 fps, along with it's incredible accuracy reaching out to 300+ feet, and with its ridiculous ROF running that lipo, I've created a MONSTER. I love this gun. It was my first build. I also own a KWA KM4 Commando shoots 385(out of the box) which is also awesome and my most reliable gun. J have 2 AK47 Beta Spetsnazs One of them I installed sp 130 spring and it shoots at 400 fps the othe is stock and it shoots 365 fps. I run all lipos in all gunsg



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