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This is my pride and joy. I have worked on this gun for months and finally have all of the parts fit to my liking. It was originally a G&P M4, but then I dropped a Polarstar Fusion Engine inside of it. I upgraded the Engine by replacing the stock nozzle with the black nozzle, which upgrades the fps to 410-450 fps. I go to fields that only allow 400fps though, so I simply turn down the psi to a lower setting and that brings the fps down to legal limits. The refs put a tournament lock on my air line and then I'm ready to go. I do like the option of having the fps so high though because I can switch out my CQB receiver with my DMR receiver and then up the fps back to 450, and then program the Fire Control Unit (FCU) so that I can only shoot single shot (this process only takes about 30 seconds).

The gun reaches out to about 300-350ft without any issues. This is because I had both barrels R-Hopped on top of the Polarstars already having a range of about 200-250ft. I am pretty much able to sit in the back the whole time and just pick people off while they try to look for me, but my CQB receiver also gives me the option to get up close and personal. It is recommended that you use .28's for best performance with the R-Hop. It is a bit more expensive, but if it means nailing my targets, I don't mind one bit.

The custom paint job on the side was all me, and it lines up perfectly with the second receiver too. Hope you guys enjoy!



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