M4 S-System

  • Bought the M4 S-System in 2008, It hasn\'t broken yet and has only jammed on me once.
    Decided to buy completely new internals for the gun since I liked the idea of a lipo battery and wanted to makes this gun into a sleeper.

    It has a brand new 8mm bearing gear box with a m120 spring.
    with the new gearbox I could now use a 11.1v lipo battery.
    AIM, high torque motor.
    angles custom tight bore 6.01 inner barrel.
    Prometheusbucking with a H nob.

    I like this gun, because it\'s my very first real Airsoft gun. Myultimate goal for this gun is to make it a sleeper. A sleeper is a gun that looks plan but performs amazing.


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