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Showcase cover image for M40A3 (Socom Gear R700 (VSR-10 clone))

General Information

This is my airsoft pride and joy. The upgrades that I have in this gun so far:

- Action Army teflon cylinder
- Action Army 6.03 mm, 430 mm barrel
- Action Army Zero Trigger
- Action Army 90 degree piston
- Action Army m170 spring
- Action Army hop up chamber
- Maple Leaf 75 degree bucking
- Modelworks M40A3 aftermarket stock

I finally managed to extend my rifle\'s range to a little over 300 feet, but that took a lot of hard work and expensive upgrades to do so. What allowed me to reach this range are my AA hop up chamber, Maple Leaf bucking, 6.03 mm barrel, self-washed BB\'s from a quality manufacturer, and various airseal modifications. If any of you guys have questions about your VSR\'s, feel free to PM me and I\'ll see if I can help.



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