• This is my project for now im not planing on getting rid of it. [​IMG]
    sorry for the poor picture Quality

    vfc urx ris
    magpul moe stock
    soon to come:
    gemtech halo
    g&p eotec 551
    magpul pts rvg
    magpul pts emag
    magpul pts moe trigger guard
    magpul xtm rail covers

    systema energy cylinder head
    systema energy piston head
    pdi 150% spring
    echo1 low resitance wiring
    pcs nub
    madbull 6.03 barrel
    soon to come:
    systema energy motor
    element polycarb airseal hopup
    systema bucking
    systema bore up air nozzle
    systema energy gears
    systema energy cylinder
    systema polycarb piston


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